Sento la vita

Il viaggio musicale, spirituale e poetico del cantautore Bruno Pignatiello

The elegant man

The steams of friendly clouds…
get confused with the ones
of a borning industrialization
of a rising frustration
of human being searching for perfection
but just let me say to you
that now I'm free like a bird in the sky
that anything or anyone can fly so high, so high!

No mirrors in my room, no trips to the moon
just the desire to lie down to sleep like other people
nothing has changed from up here I see the pain
of men teasing other men for deformities or ideas
do they have a heart or do they have at least a brain,
yes a brain!

Blaming me, is blaming God
why don't you look into my soul…

The steam of machine civilization
just entered your brain…
nothing to regret dying is out is not cool that's your deformity
you're all robots!

But Jesus came to reveal your talents
to show how to break this wall of silence
with a word: Love!

The elegant man