Sento la vita

The musical, spiritual and poetical travel of the songwriter Bruno Pignatiello


  • 1998: “Sento la vita
  • 2000: “Onda de amor” - written for the world youth day, 2000. The song, only available in a radio version spreaded all over the world at the beginning, it was afterwards included in the album “Vento de amor”.
  • June 2006: “Vento de amor
  • September 2013: “Who I am
  • December 2015: “τριλογία - the English years
  • January 2018: “τριλογία - brasilusofonia
  • Agosto 2019: “Over the Horizon - the collection


Greece and gyros pita, narrow streets of Lisbon, Rome, the brand yeast God used to knead and create humanity so beautiful, Canada and Bryan Adams, Alberto Camerini's ballads, Brazil and Cazuza, feijoada, churrasco, vitality of Brazilian people, the colours and the sounds of the planet, the smell of the wild grass growing in the greek islands…